Spinach, Peppadew and Feta muffins


As much as I love baking things like chocolate cake and sugary meringues, if I were forced to choose between sweet and savoury baking, savoury would win hands down. Now before you reach for the unfollow button, let me assure you that there will be plenty of sweet treats on this blog, eventually.


The thing about sweet bakes is that the joy for me is more in the actual baking than it is in the eating. Not because I count calories, but just because one sweet muffin or slice of cake will do me. I simply don’t have a sweet tooth.Β Now savoury baking is a whole different story. As I am typing, I am demolishing my third spinach, Peppadew and feta muffin (it’s a good thing you can wipe the screen of an Ipad), while telling myself that this morning’s workout should even it all out. Come to think of it, maybe I should stick to sugary treats…





These muffins are right up my street. The tang of the feta and the saltiness of the Parmesan take centre stage but the hint of spinach and peppers makes it all a bit more interesting. I have to disagree with the Guardian (where I got this recipe from) and say that these are not ‘muffins for kids’ but grown-up ones that would go down very well with a drink, as they are doing right now, in fact.

You can find the recipe for these muffins here: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/jul/29/cook-kids-savoury-muffins

I didn’t tweak it all that much. My block of Parmesan was only 145 grams and that turned out to be enough, so you can safely reduce the cheese a bit. I used Peppadews instead of regular roast peppers and next time I make these (and I certainly will), I will use a teaspoon of chilli powder instead of paprika.


One more thing, don’t worry if your muffin ‘batter’ is more like a dough. I thought it would be a baking disaster but they turned out splendidly. This batter made 12 slightly larger muffins instead of the 16 in the recipe, by the way.


22 thoughts on “Spinach, Peppadew and Feta muffins

  1. I had to laugh…the idea of you holding a crumb covered Ipad screen was rather amusing. With muffins I have to say, I prefer the savoury over the sweet. I think the natural open, rustic structure of a muffin works well with savoury foods. This sounds delicious. In my case, it would be perfect for lunchboxes for the kids too.


  2. They look gert lush. I do like the occasional savoury muffin. Will have to give these a go seeing as I have the ingredients in the frigde. Will have to warn the engineer though, savoury instead of sweet will bound to be a shock, lol.


  3. These do look good, and iI imagine that “flame-roasted” peppers from a jar, drained and chopped small, would work too (I often have “using up” issues when I’ve opened a jar). I’m amused that the Guardian classes them as ideal for children: most children I have come across would refuse to touch them – leaves more for me πŸ˜‰


  4. These look great. I will try them one day soon. I am always looking for more vegetarian recipes even if I am not a vegetarian.


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