Spicy Spinach and Coconut Soup

IMG_2107-0It’s a good thing I am so food-obsessed that I take a photo of almost everything I cook, or this would have been a very sober post indeed. As it is, there is one pic. 😉

I had no intention of blogging about this soup, you see. It was more a matter of having a bag of spinach that needed using up and craving something warm for lunch. But as I was eating it, I realised I did not want to keep this from you. So here it is, in a very short and snappy post.

This is an adaptation of a recipe from the Dutch Allerhande website (the site that accompanies the complementary supermarket food magazine of the same name).
It is zingy, interesting and a doddle to make. Plus it has a gorgeous jade colour.



olive oil
3 shallots (or one small onion), chopped not too finely
piece of ginger, chopped not too finely
1 clove of garlic, chopped not too finely
1 red chilli, chopped not too finely (deseeded, if you prefer)
200 ml coconut milk (you could use half of a 400 ml can and freeze the rest)
750 ml vegetable stock (I use stock powder or cubes)
300 g fresh spinach
2 tbsp soy sauce


– Fry the shallots, ginger, garlic and chilli in the oil for a few minutes until golden and fragrant.
– Add the stock and coconut milk and bring to the boil.
– Stir in the spinach leaves and let them wilt.
– Let simmer for 3 minutes, lid on.
– Blend the soup, using a (stick) blender.
– Add the soy sauce as you gently reheat the soup.



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